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Upgrade System

Tibia had a boring, uninteresting, and not very enjoyable item system, but on Fibulia, the mages decided to change that. Thanks to a ritual, items were modified to allow for more efficient grinding. No more useless items lying on the ground, now every item can be powerful. Remember to identify them to uncover their attributes or release trapped souls! Check the Quests section and obtain the rune of infinite identification to discover more secrets listed below!

New items


Name Description How to obtain
Upgrade Crystal Can be used on a piece of equipment for a chance to upgrade it. Crystal Fossil
Enchantment Crystal Can be used on a piece of equipment to add random attribute. Crystal Fossil
Alteration Crystal Can be used on a piece of equipment to remove last attribute. Crystal Fossil
vessel of Cleansing Can be used on a piece of equipment to remove all attributes. Crystal Fossil
vessel of Fortune Can be used on a piece of equipment to change value of last attribute. Crystal Fossil
vessel of Faith Can be used on a piece of equipment to change values of all attributes. Crystal Fossil
vessel of Mind Used to extract all attributes and values and store in that crystal. Can be used again to place these attributes to a new item. Lower item rarity will remove exceeded attributes. Custom - NPC, Quests etc.
Limitless Crystal Used to remove Item Level requirement to equip given item. Custom - NPC, Quests etc.
Mirrored Gem Used to make a copy of any item. Copies can't be modified and mirrored again. Custom - NPC, Quests etc.
Void Soul Used to transform item into random Unique type. Custom - NPC, Quests etc.
Upgrade Catalyst Soul Prevents item destroy on upgrade. Consumed on item upgrade. Custom - NPC, Quests etc.
Flask Fossil There is unknown crystal inside, try to use flask extractor. Randomly drops from monsters
Flask Extractor Used to extract rare crystals from flask fossil. Custom - NPC, Quests etc.
Identification Brooch Can be used on unidentified item to reveal hidden attributes. Custom - NPC, Quests etc.


  1. Max HP
  2. Max MP
  3. Magic Level
  4. Melee Skills (all in one)
  5. Fist Fighting
  6. Sword Fighting
  7. Axe Fighting
  8. Club Fighting
  9. Distance Fighting
  10. Shielding
  11. Mana Shield
  12. Life Steal
  13. Experience
  14. Physical Damage
  15. Physical Protection
  16. Energy Damage
  17. Energy Protection
  18. Earth Damage
  19. Earth Protection
  20. Fire Damage
  21. Fire Protection
  22. Ice Damage
  23. Ice Protection
  24. Holy Damage
  25. Holy Protection
  26. Death Damage
  27. Death Protection
  28. Elemental Damage (every element in one except physical)
  29. Elemental Protection (every element in one except physical)
  30. Cast Flame Strike on Attack
  31. Cast Flame Strike on Hit
  32. Cast Ice Strike on Attack
  33. Cast Ice Strike on Hit
  34. Cast Terra Strike on Attack
  35. Cast Terra Strike on Hit
  36. Cast Death Strike on Attack
  37. Cast Death Strike on Hit
  38. Cast Energy Strike on Attack
  39. Cast Energy Strike on Hit
  40. Cast Divine Missile on Attack
  41. Cast Divine Missile on Hit
  42. Explosion on Kill
  43. Regenerate Health on Kill
  44. Regenerate Mana on Kill
  45. Mana Steal
  46. Chance to regenerate full HP on Kill
  47. Chance to regenerate full MP on Kill
  48. Chance to cast Mass Healing on Attack
  49. Increased healing from all sources
  50. Additional gold from monsters loot
  51. Chance to deal double damage
  52. Chance to be revived with 100% HP and MP upon death
  53. Chance to get Bonus Damage buff on Kill
  54. Chance to get Bonus Max HP buff on Kill
  55. Chance to get Bonus Max MP buff on Kill

Item Level
Item Level (iLvl) is set for every wearable item (excluding Stackable [spears, assassins stars, ammunition etc.] and Transformable [special rings or boots]) when dropped by a monster.
Default iLvl is calculated using special algorithm that determines monster level/power based on its Max HP and Experience.
Then additional iLvl value is given based on base item stats (Atk, Def, Armor, Hit Chance). After all of that, additional stats are calculated based on item iLvl.
Upgrading item level increases iLvl in addition to bonus stats and values for bonus attributes are based on iLvl of the item.
Given all of that I have made every item different. If you drop a Giant Sword from a Behemoth and a Giant Sword from a Ferumbras they will be different in stats.
You may ask "What if someone loots Sword from high level monster and a new player gets it? That's unbalanced." but don't be afraid.
If player level is lower than iLvl of given items, they can't equip them! Items can have up to 1030 level! And if you try to remove their limit, you will risk damaging the item, which may lose its properties even though you will still be able to see them.

Unique Items (with Spiryt)
Items with predefined attributes that can't be altered, only their values can be changed. Unidentified items can become Unique.

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Level: 505 / Elite Knight
Santa Muerte
Level: 484 / Royal Paladin
Level: 382 / Elite Knight
Elitarny Diego
Level: 311 / Elite Knight
Level: 275 / Elite Knight
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